On the Transience of Trade

I’m staring at my computer screen trying to decide whether I should get a two-week pass to Fitness First for only PHP399.00 (valued at PHP2,199.00) OR a two-session pass at Pole Academy Philippines for only PHP600.00 (valued at PHP1,900.00). I haven’t had a gym membership in four years and the closest I’ve come to handling a pole is tearing chunks of a roasted pig off it—but that’s what happens when you cross a woman with disposable income and the word “deal.”

All this began some four weeks ago when one of my ex-roommates, Bodee, introduced Abbey and me—in Mephistophelean fashion—to the world of online daily deals. In fairness to Bodee, she did only mention a site or two. But yours truly quickly Googled the entire list of local online-coupon firms—and presto: a new addiction was born.

So far, Abbey’s purchased Sandy’s Pizza and Nail Tropics manicure and pedicure vouchers, while I’ve sunk money into Gold’s Gym coupons (which I’m still keen to supplement—hence the current dilemma between Fitness First and Pole Academy; Abbey has asked me, rather wryly, if I plan to work out full time the next six months given all the vouchers I seem to be amassing).

The worst part is—these aren’t even the deals for which we originally visited the sites. Our ultimate goal, which we keep missing, is to land a discount for Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa. Two days ago, we found a 3-day and 2-night stay for four people priced at PHP25,000.00 and were halfway to shanghaiing our friends, Tria and Peter, to come with us when we realized that the offer was already sold out—within hours. I consoled myself by trolling through the other deals on the site.

The good news is, at least it’s highly likely that I’ll be extremely fit for the beach by the time we finally net that offer.

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