On the Trials of Moving

Writer’s block is what happens when you’ve spent the four most scorching hours of a summer day going to the flat you used to live in to remove the last and therefore most intractable belongings still remaining and find that you have to walk up five flights as the lift is under maintenance and learn—for the first time ever—how to sheathe a full-sized mattress with cling wrap (and how to do the same with the dismantled bed frame and the ergonomic chair) and load all of the preceding (and a work desk and a refrigerator and an airconditioning unit larger than the refrigerator) onto a trolley whose front wheels cannot possibly be described by the word “parallel” and go up and down the finally serviceable lift because one trip simply cannot be enough and manhandle all your reluctant furniture onto the back of a pick-up only to realize that you haven’t brought any rope and travel all the way to Makati in the dizzying heat and arrive at your brother’s condominium only to discover that its lift is broken and extricate your belongings one by one from their precarious perches at the back of the pick-up and heave your way up a flight of stairs and maneuver a narrow corridor possibly designed to emulate collapsed mine shaft conditions and pause to breath deeply because it really, truly, could very well be your last given the godforsaken heat and finally deposit the last of the miserable appliances in the spare bedroom and discover during your departure that the lock on the door has broken and that if the heat won’t kill you your brother will and invent a CREATIVE solution that you will simply not discuss on a forum as public as a blog because the issue involved is about SECURITY and you can NEVER be too careful and finally leave the condominium only to be flagged down twenty minutes later by a policeman for operating a smoke-belching vehicle that you borrowed for the day and spend fifteen minutes in the sweltering heat as he confiscates the license plate and finally drive off without further incident and with absolutely no thoughts remaining.


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