On the Prolongation of Novelty

In slightly less than nine hours, I’ll be flying out to Boracay to tick off an item that’s been on my to-do list for years. As far as states of readiness are concerned, I’m not entirely satisfied with mine. I would have preferred having put in a lot more sleep and a lot more study beforehand, but just getting away from my life for an entire month required most of the time and energy I had between the moment I decided to go for the training and its actual commencement—which was all of two weeks.

And it’s not been an entirely bad thing. Stress from all the frantic scurrying aside, knowing that I was going to be away for a fairly significant amount of time created the urgency necessary to act on several items long procrastinated, including: finally completing the move out of my old apartment, finally settling the acquisition of the new one, and finally starting on the thesis for my Master’s degree in earnest. Nothing compels securing loose ends more urgently than the possibility of tying new knots.

And the knot I’m about to tie is an utterly foreign one to me. Going to Boracay, for a month, to study yoga, flies in the face of several things I know about myself, i.e., I don’t generally like beaches, I don’t particularly like Boracay, and I like intellectual activities (like studying) insofar as they oppose physical activities (like doing yoga). This is the farthest I’ve ever ventured from the existential tried and tested (beating teaching university students by a mile), and the good news is: I’m too fatigued to actually care.  

So this is it, the countdown’s already started, and I’m exhausted and excited all at the same time. It’s four months into 2011—and it’s only just begun.