On the Furnishings of Home

So allow me to speak briefly of my residence during my one-month stay here in Boracay:

I’m housed in one of the ground floor units of a three storey structure located close to the beachfront mouth of Angol Road. (For Boracay bunnies, Angol Road will be more familiar as the narrow avenue between Tree House Resort and Red Pirates Pub on the peripheries of Station 3.)

In front of my unit is a porch that doubles as a kitchen and a laundry drying area. The kitchen comes with a gas range, a gas tank, a sink, a kettle, a frying pan, a wooden table and enough chairs, glasses, mugs, plates and cutlery for two people. The laundry drying area is whatever region the provided clothes rack happens to occupy.

Inside the unit is a queen sized bed, a bedside table, a multimedia table with a tiny television (that is surprisingly cable-connected), an electric fan, an air conditioner, a rather gargantuan refrigerator and an open wardrobe. The bathroom comes equipped with the usual pail and dipper and the not-so-usual water heater (another surprise vastly more useful than the fact of having cable television).

As far as aesthetics go, it’s minimalist functionalism without the Scandinavian charm (think bare bulbs, monobloc chairs, plastic hangers and ceramic tiles). That’s not too bad in itself, however—the thing I don’t really like is the absence of natural lighting (being a ground floor denizen means I need to keep my curtains perpetually closed for privacy).

Still, it’s not too bad as far as temporary homes go. Whatever the place lacks in charm, the proprietess makes up for in sheer attentiveness and efficiency. I haven’t made a single request that wasn’t addressed by the end of the day, whether it’s been asking for a light bulb to be replaced or an extension cord to be provided.

And should all these niceties fail, there’s the ultimate traveler’s compensation known as wireless Internet connectivity. Funny how that can make up for almost everything.


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