On the Joys of Precipitation

Over the last four days, Boracay has gone from predominantly damp to downright sodden. With a suddenness that has caught even locals by surprise, rains have inundated the island, churning the shore into quicksand and the sea into froth. They didn’t deter vacationers determined to make the most of the weekend, however. Many came out in droves to combat the breakers or to watch the kite boarders (the only happy campers given the strong waves and winds demanded by their sport).

Boracay in the rain possesses a charm of its own—one I actually prefer to the sun-kissed variety. The crowds are marginally thinner with the weather wreaking havoc with the agendas of vacationers and vendors alike. Provided one is willing to tolerate the wind-chilled temperatures along the beach, it’s actually possible to find a secluded spot or two (an impossibility when the sky is its usual sunny self and one is continuously pestered by either locals selling their services or wares or visitors squealing and photographing their way through the surf—why Filipinos prefer to acquire the most documentation during moments of least lucidity is beyond my comprehension).

In any case, the rain adds yet another dimension to an island that lends itself so easily to tropical island stereotypes. Why this matters to me is something I haven’t quite figured out yet. Maybe it’s because I don’t like stereotypes all that much. Or maybe it’s because I simply like the rain. Either way, I enjoyed Boracay this weekend, and—jabs to their photographic proclivities notwithstanding—I hope all the other visitors managed to as well.


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