On the Defensiveness of Bloggers

I know, I know! It’s been three days since I posted anything halfway decent and this kind of complacency, laxity, leniency, negligence and permissiveness is the reason WHY the world is going to the dogs and why no one should trust anyone and why we should ONLY rely on ourselves because when you start expecting things of people they just go ahead and BREAK YOUR HEART and honestly we should all just curl up and DIE because this is how things really are and people who say otherwise are either LYING, MISLED, OBLIVIOUS or STONED and of all the charlatans out there, writers who promise to blog daily and then resort to defensive rants expressed in run-on sentences and randomly all-capitalized words when they don’t are the WORST, and it doesn’t matter if they’ve been out an ENTIRE month and have to catch up on lives held in virtual ABEYANCE because that’s just PLAIN irresponsibility and whatever happened to the relationship between SUFFERING and ART and not taking breathers or breaks or vacations because if you’re a writer it means you wake up with a BURNING SENSATION in your chest which is nothing other than the urge to just WRITE, WRITE, WRITE and if you can live a day without that suffocating, strangling feeling then you’re not a REAL writer but some middling, mediocre blogger whose sole contribution is to increase the already frankly ridiculous amount of sheer NOISE and NONSENSE in the universe that is known as the WORLD WIDE WEB and don’t even get me started on the topic of sensory pollution and information overload because just saying more about those things adds to the problem and the least that I can do as a middling, mediocre blogger is to know when to STOP which I think should be right about now.


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