On the Genesis of Peripateia (Part 2)

So why is my blog’s blurb Ramblings from travels to the interior and exterior?

Let’s start with the word “ramblings.” The word has three general senses: the first having to do with being confused and incoherent; the second with digressing and straying; and the third with wandering and roaming. As anyone who’s followed Peripateia in the course of its relatively short existence should be able to see, the blog embodies all three senses of the word—a fact that makes classifying it under a particular genre a matter of some difficulty. (It doesn’t focus exclusively on arts or business or culture or entertainment or fashion or food or humor or lifestyle or literature or philosophy or politics or recreation or society or sports or technology or travel—though it will discuss many of the above, occasionally all at the same time. Fortunately, such vaporous blogs as mine do belong to an association of sorts—that of the “personal,” “diary” or “journal” variety.)

Now let’s proceed with the phrase “travels to the interior.” By “interior,” I don’t mean the hinterlands of the Philippines, the hinterlands of Luzon, or even the hinterlands of Manila (which is, what, Cubao?). I mean, instead, something far more inaccessible and perhaps more hazardous, which is the inner landscape of what, for lack of a better word, I will call my soul. And it’s to plumb these uncharted depths, perhaps more than to explore any external horizons, that I severed so many commitments so relatively early in life. It takes a ridiculous amount of time and effort to think, and to this day I don’t believe I’ve ever quite succeeded.

And this finally brings us to the phrase “travels to the . . . exterior.” This entire notion of recording the experience of being outward bound—of scooting madly around the four corners of the globe—was supposed to be the intention behind Peripateia and the primary reason for its existence. For better or for worse, it remains the least developed aspect of Peripateia’s promise—and perhaps, for that very reason, the most revelatory of its character.


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