On Ullapool and Nostalgia

(SCOTLAND, Ullapool) The author looking for pebbles to skip. (Photo taken by the author's sister, Elaine Tupaz.)

Random notes on the above:

The object: A picture fished by a random search for inspiration from an archive containing thousands of unlabeled files.

The date: The 8th of April, 2010.

The location: Ullapool, Scotland.

The creator: A sister who revels in the embarrassment frequently generated by stolen shots.

The bare feet: An excessively bad idea given . . .

The bare rocks: A common feature on Scottish shores that goes well with . . .

The slate-colored waves: Of the waters of Loch Broom whose winds made . . .

The hair: Even more unmanageable than usual.

The scarf: Pretty yet almost ineffective.

The cardigan: Effective yet unbearably scratchy.

The jeans: Too loose now and therefore almost never worn.

Other thoughts (borne of association/recollection/stream-of-consciousness): I should really get around to labeling the pictures from this trip. That’s a long way away since I’ve got thousands of other pictures to label from previous trips. I haven’t made a major trip this year. It’s just as well since I don’t want to generate four thousand more photographs to add to my already interminable list of things to label. This pathological obsessive-compulsiveness is really interfering with my ability to just enjoy (travel = work; more travel = more work). But it also really helps with writing—especially on days when there’s absolutely nothing going on in my head—because there’s a wealth of information on which to draw, to wit: What was this? When was this? Where was this? Who is that blob on the right? Dear God, is that blob me??? How did I get so fat? And why am I wearing that shirt?

Some other thoughts (borne of nostalgia/wistfulness/an always premature sense of being old): I liked Scotland. I liked Ullapool. I especially liked the mushy peas they served with the fish and chips at The Chippy where my sister and I had dinner (yes dinner) right before she took that shot by the shore. But why does it feel as if it all happened so long ago when it’s just been a little over a year?


5 thoughts on “On Ullapool and Nostalgia

  1. Colin says:

    Your tone is always just right. Reading your blog is like listening to Radio 4 on a wet Sunday afternoon or drinking a hot cup of tea under a Velux. Thank you.


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