On the Rigidity of Physics

Two very close friends of mine are getting married today—to different people—and their weddings are happening at the exact same time. The law of the conservation of mass has never been as frustrating (or the world of quantum mechanics as appealing; if I were a sub-atomic particle, I could be in both weddings at the same time—with, of course, decidedly less interest in the proceedings).

So because I am what I am, I’ll have to settle for being present at only one of the weddings. But even if the number of my appearances is rigidly limited, the scope of my intentions is not (an advantage certainly not conferred on the almighty subatomic particle).

So to my two sets of friends whose lives will be irrevocably altered today—A. and J. and P. and K.—I wish you all a lifetime of love, of discovery, of growth and of joy.

Congratulations, and may today just be the first of the most beautiful days of your lives.


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