On the Extravagance of Friendship

Last night, my good friend Berns drove all the way from Manila through Friday night traffic after a long day of work just to have dinner with me because I asked for his company.

This morning, my other good friend Alex left his house extra early to give me a ride to Makati just because I asked him to give me a ride.

And on both occasions—after my dinner with Berns and after the ride with Alex—I found myself getting misty-eyed because it hit me then that these two men, who are among my oldest and closest friends, will do almost anything for me and will indulge my whims and will forgive my eccentricities because of an inexplicable affection that’s lasted for more than a decade.

Having at least one friend like them is a blessing. Having two is a miracle. Having more is simply divine extravagance.

Thank God for divine extravagance.

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