On the Banality of Errors

So, after two weeks of wondering why my blog’s hits have taken a mysterious dive (yes, I do check; no, I don’t check that obsessively; yes, I do start checking obsessively when something’s seriously out of whack), I finally (inadvertently) figured out what was behind the sudden increase in my already heightened obscurity.

For some bizarre reason, the setting on the “Update Status” field of my Facebook account—which is where I publicize the daily entries from my blog—had switched from “Public” to “Only Me” about two weeks ago. Which means that, for at least half a month, I’ve elevated my iniquitous habit of talking to myself to the sphere of a social media network. Which means, in turn, that for at least half a month, my blog’s posts haven’t been visible to the world at large.

On the one hand, I’m frankly annoyed by the loss of momentum incurred by my involuntary disappearance from the blogsphere. It took several months of daily and persistent effort for Peripateia to garner even the modest readership it has now, and just two weeks of unwitting neglect were sufficient to offset most of that gain.

On the other hand, I’m glad that my recent loss of readers can be attributed to something as banal and patently idiotic as the change of settings on my Facebook account. It means that I haven’t managed to mess up everything in my life at least.

Now, the reconstruction efforts can begin.



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