On the Conservatism of Technology

(SONY Vaio) The replacement. (Image sourced from Google.)

So after losing my Sony Vaio VGN-TX46GP yesterday, I found myself migrating to a much older Sony Vaio PCG-FX705 today.

The replacement laptop was provided courtesy of Abbey, who digged it out of the back of a cabinet and rigged a temporary work station for me complete with a real LAN cable. (Yes, it’s that old.)

Immobility due to size, weight and absence of wireless capabilities aside, this Vaio isn’t entirely bad. It had enough space for me to transfer most of my files (the thousands of photographs will have to lie in digital storage however), and its 12″ x 9″ screen seems like a veritable cinema experience after my ultraportable’s 10″ x 6″ view. It’s a bit on the slow side (something that will have to be addressed, possibly by resorting to Safe Mode yet again) but at least I don’t need to compound my grief over my current loss by having to deal with the callousness of an immediate new purchase.

So far, apart from migrating most of my working files, I’ve rigged this Vaio’s appearance and settings to match those of the other one. I’m only missing a few key fonts, programs and shortcuts, and once those are installed, the new will be as good as old.

Apparently, technology can be a tool for conservatism just as much as it is a tool for change.

Thank goodness.


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