On the Gifts of Summer

The last few weeks have been almost unbearably hot.

I say almost because I have an unusually high tolerance for heat (offset by an unusually low tolerance for cold). The temperatures the last several days have nearly crossed the threshold of my endurance, but I’m not complaining because of—

—the spectacular sunrises and sunsets:

The sunrises are a big deal, especially to someone whose circadian rhythms are wired to the sun. It’s normally difficult for me to get up in the relative dark of 5:30 to 6:00 am, but these days, I open the curtains, and just that blush of orange in the horizon is enough to get me into full throttle.

(It feels really nice when I’m driving too, the car night-air-cooled enough for the air-conditioning to be dispensed.)

—the blue skies and the golden light:

The best time is around 4:00 pm, when the wind hits the yucca and its rustly green leaves make a papery backdrop to the tinkle of the windchimes. Those are the moments when I stop whatever I’m doing and really just pay attention.

—the Arizona silver cypresses and the little pot of lavender:

I swear, I’ve never seen such…ebullient little things, with their feathery tops reaching high towards the sky in silent squeals of glee. Of course, I have to water them twice a day now with the perennial heat, but it always makes for a nice little break to the lately all-too-hectic days.

So yes, it’s been almost unbearably hot lately. But it’s had its perks.


3 thoughts on “On the Gifts of Summer

  1. Tess says:

    You must be somewhere in Arizona. I love the smell of lavender (and roses). I like reading your blog. The entries are short and beautifully written. I always believe that everyone of us is a teacher in life. I had to press the “dictionary icon” on my computer to learn the meaning of “circadian” and “ebullient!” 🙂


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