On the Simplicity of Choice

Just the other day, a friend and former colleague of mine asked if I was willing to consider teaching philosophy at a well-known women’s college in the heart of Quezon City. My response was prompt: “Yes, P.! I’d love to teach there, and, it wouldn’t be responsible of me to take on the post this coming semester with White Space opening at the same time. So count me out, but just for now.”

Just for now. Few phrases lend as much clarity to the present while still allowing for manifold possibility in the future. It’s taken a quarter of a century for me to learn that phrase and to occasionally utter it. As I’ve said elsewhere in this blog, there’s a fine line between seizing the day and throttling it senseless; another fine line between seizing an opportunity and going deep with what we already have.

The fact is, I love philosophy and I love teaching it. I also love yoga (which has LOTS of philosophy) and I also love teaching it. Right now, I can’t reconcile both passions because unlike the average subatomic particle, I cannot be in two locations at the same time.

So for now (just for now), I’m going to focus on the yoga. And once the studio’s up and running smoothly, I’ll have enough time to teach in the university and the college that are just across the street.

Really, can life get any better?


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