On the Death of Spirit

They started cutting down the trees in Katipunan this weekend.

I’m sure there are a number of VERY IMPORTANT AND PRAGMATIC REASONS why those trees had to go, owing to such things as the volume of traffic and the demands of growth and the need for infrastructure and the urgency of measures…but honestly.

Anyone who’s ever tried to grow a tree would probably appreciate the vitality of force and spirit required for shoots to turn into trunks, for sprays to grow into clumps, for root and bark and branch to achieve the sturdiness that counts so much as the essence of a tree. It takes years to make a tree; years during which the tree has to work very, very hard.

And in just one weekend, they cut every single one.

And as I drove down the length of Katipunan, I couldn’t help thinking how much like a memorial those decapitated trees looked.

I just couldn’t tell if it was a memorial to the trees that died—or to the people that killed them.


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