On the Urgency of Gratitude

There’s so much to be grateful for…and so little time to express one’s gratitude.

One will try, in any case (and in alphabetical order too):

Aileen, Arianne, Editha, Mary, Peter, Sarah and Tria: for being pillars of strength in so many ways and at so many levels.

Alex and Berns: for being the bestest guy friends in the world.

Cherry and Rani: for doing the impossible time and again, and all before breakfast too.

Elaine: for the early morning greetings and unwavering cheerful support.

Fred/Bub/Kuya Alien: for putting up with mat slippage just to be there for me and for quietly buying me and Abbey lunch and doing our errands so we could stay at the studio.

Karl: for the impromptu Chinese horoscope reading and the confirmation (from yet another framework) that I basically make things difficult for myself.

Kat, Lallaih, Mina and Mizel: for being part of all this and for forwarding our intentions in the world.

Mom and Dad/Parental Units: for being THE GREATEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD and for reminding me to do really simple things like eating and sleeping.

Saar: for the impromptu visit with Kesem and the lovely gift on the power of mind to create (or destroy) happiness.

It really is true. All it takes to change the world for someone is an act of kindness.

Thank you, each and every one of you.


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