On the Causes for Celebration

I just realized:

Today, I was either surrounded by, or in touch with, some of the kindest, most decent and most generous people I know. They all either stopped by the studio today or got in touch with me to ask about the studio: my parents, my brother, my sister, our designers, some of our closest friends, most of our teachers, and some of our most supportive clients.

And it occurred to me that, the financial pressures aside, I really have the best job in the world. From morning until night, I’m surrounded by healers and searchers in a light-filled sanctuary that was created (and is being maintained) by the love and passion of dreamers and artists. Everyone who’s been involved in bringing White Space to life has gone beyond the call of duty, whether it’s my parents and my brother coming to the rescue in various big and little ways, or my sister spending two days of her vacation handing flyers out, or our interior designers doing odd jobs at odd hours to add little touches that make a world of difference, or one of my best friends taking a day off from his high-profile career and most of his weekends to man the reception desk, or our teachers texting their latest ideas and recommendations at the strangest hours, or our clients dropping by to take and share pictures.

Step by step, day by day, it’s not just a studio that’s being created, but literally a home and a community.

And I couldn’t be more grateful.

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