On the Virtues of Patience

Patience is a virtue.

Unfortunately, it’s not one of mine.

This has been demonstrated to me time and again these last several weeks. My whole life I’ve been accustomed to producing results through the brute force of will: I always attributed unsatisfactory outcomes to incompetent or insufficient action (in other words, I either did the wrong thing or not enough of the right thing).

Said yet another way, the notion that results can simply take time to materialize (in a way indicated by such turns of phrase as the “fruits” of one’s labor) is shockingly foreign to me. For most of my (obviously non-agricultural or -horticultural) life, effect has immediately followed cause: I’ve neither experienced (nor appreciated) the necessary intervals between sowing and reaping and the requisite pauses for the germination of things.

Which is why my experience of life these last several weeks has been one of unrelenting frustration. I cannot (or as my friends say it, will not) wait.

Even learning to wait is something I can’t wait for.



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