On the Emergence from Isolation

Finally! A new post from my friend J.’s blog—which means I get a breath of fresh air in my otherwise hermetic world.

I’ve always loved reading J.’s posts, now more than ever since it gives me a glimpse of a life I could have had (would have had, actually, if the universe hadn’t dropped opening and managing a yoga studio onto my lap).

J. is currently a doctorate student in a well-known university in Singapore. She often writes tangentially of the academic life—and not so tangentially about minor epiphanies gained from the practice of yoga. These two things alone—the oblique style of writing about a pursuit around which her whole life revolves and the long-term shepherding of a practice that has become surprisingly precious—would be enough to guarantee my devotion. It’s a bonus that she happens to be a very dear friend who also happens to write exceedingly well.

Today, J. wrote about passing the written component of her comprehensive exams. Her next task will be to pass the verbal component. I get the significance of these milestones while also marveling at how remote they now seem. (Isn’t it strange how the things we have to survive isolate us? My crises always occur to me as greater than yours and vice versa. The miracle of friendship is how it allows us to traverse the icy waters between our respective floes.)

At any rate, this is me celebrating J.’s recent victory. The fact that I have enough emotional and mental space to even pay attention to her triumph is another cause for celebration altogether.

Everything’s going to be alright.


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