On the Glimpses of Normalcy

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, life seems to be going back to normal.

(Normal, in my world, means “Life Before the Studio.”)

Over the last two weeks, I managed to do things I hadn’t done for the last three to four months:

1. Do my grocery shopping.

2. Get the house cleaned.

3. Read before going to bed.

4. Go out and watch a movie.

These are significant victories: markers in a journey back towards a life devoted to a set of affairs rather than one, huge overwhelming concern.

Of course, having been destabilized (unsettled, thrown off course) by the universe so often in the last several weeks, I’m celebrating very cautiously, content to be smug for a brief respite before assuming the usual, exhausting vigilance.

The sign of real normalcy will be when I forget to mark the occasion.

I have a feeling it’ll be a long while yet.

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