On the Expansion of Space

If there’s anything at all that I’m grateful for, it’s the recent experience of expanding…space.

After all the frantic, day-to-day urgency engendered by starting a rather sizeable business with zero capital and zero experience, things have finally settled down enough that I can actually return to the very thing that began this journey: my passion for studying yoga.

When Abbey and I decided to open White Space, we knew enough to expect that putting yoga as a business in the foreground would mean relegating it as a practice to the background. True enough, in the months that we spent setting up the studio, we gave up a ridiculous number of rare opportunities to study with visiting masters in the field. There wasn’t enough time, there wasn’t enough money…there simply wasn’t enough energy.

But lately, very gradually and almost imperceptibly, we’ve begun finding enough time to attend the classes of other teachers, to read the massive amount of literature we’ve surprisingly amassed, to actually even practice almost every single day.

After all the deprivation, such simple pleasures feel like the height of indulgence. (I especially like being able to curl up on the studio’s bunk bed going through the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. When I’m able to do it in the middle of the afternoon, it feels almost sinful. Yoga + Philosophy = Happiness.)

So, yes, I am grateful.

This is me bowing my head, hands over my heart, in gratitude.


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