On the Charms of Callers

(WHITE Space) One of the studio’s biggest attractions: the teapot and its contents. (Photo taken by Jonas Asistio.)

So, I’ve been having a marvelous time the last several weeks with my dearest friend J. popping in at the studio every so often.

Her agenda-less visits, almost always unannounced, have the very old-fashioned feel of a social call.

I mean, there was a time once, when people didn’t have to schedule dropping by, and when the people “dropped by” on actually had the time and space to entertain unscheduled visits.

So J. will drop in, make herself a pot of tea, take her tea cup to the reception area, and drape herself over the counter while I’ll stand on the other side like a mislocated bartender. There, we’ll chat about the studio and about her research, meandering every so often to such things as romance and religion (the more important things, actually; the former more than the latter).

(This is the other thing that tickles me pink about the entire affair: that J. feels perfectly enough at home at the studio to make herself a cup of tea and then drape herself over the counter, graciously enduring interruptions to our conversation caused by a prospective client or two.)

Maybe I’ve been watching too many Downton Abbey episodes. Or maybe I just miss seeing friends who’ll drop by for no other reason than because you’re friends.

Whatever the reason, I’m happy. And I’m grateful.

(Beaming smile.)


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