On the Ascent of Woman

(JAPAN Tokyo) The Ascent of Woman. (Photo taken by the author’s friend.)

It’s only appropriate for me to go back in time as I start writing backwards in time.

(Yes, this is me, filling out my missing blog posts in reverse order.)

As the date on the lower right corner indicates, the photo above was taken a little more than seven years ago, in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills. And yes, that’s my silhouette on the very right. (K., on the left, is now in London; J., in the middle, is now in New York.)

This was back in the day when I sold bath soap, J. sold laundry detergent and K. sold cough drops. We’d all been sent to Tokyo on business trip as fledgling soap/detergent/cough drop peddlers with the expectation that we’d come back as slightly-less-fledgling soap/detergent/cough drop peddlers.

And like all fledgling peddlers sent on business trip, we spent every free moment imaginable rampaging through Tokyo Godzilla-style.

(One of my favorite hair-raising memories: J. gracefully inserting an arm between the closing doors of a subway train while the rest of us, already safely onboard, watched aghast. The doors parted: a phenomenon that would have been highly improbable on Philippine subway trains.)

Gad. I was…so young then. We were all so young then. (Only youth can explain the brazen lack of dignity in the above photograph, which was taken with a lot of glee.) And now, the three of us are on different continents, doing unexpectedly different things.

Funny how life turns out.


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