On the Unexpectedness of Gifts

So Abs and I have been the delighted recipients of a recent spate of unexpected gifts.

First, there was A., who shipped a custom-made wicker umbrella stand all the way from Cebu (because I happened to lament that we couldn’t find an umbrella stand in all the shops we’d been to, and A., true to form, promptly went to a designer friend to create one for us).

Second, there was J., who brought several globes of grapefruit straight from his family’s farm in Nueva Ecija.

Third, there was E., who messaged me all the way from Berlin just to ask which variant of Lavazza Cremoso we’d like as her parents were visiting over Christmas and she’d love to send us a pack of our favorite beans (impossible to source in the Philippines without paying four times as much as the euro price).

Fourth, there was T., who paperbagged two steaming bowls of vegetarian risotto for me and Abbey to have for an early dinner (it was ridiculously good).

There’s always something to be thankful for, but there are times when friends make the realization come to the fore.

So thank you: A., J., E. and T. You provided some of the best highlights of the week.

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