On the Profusion of Questions

In the course of my reflection on what 2013 will be about, the question of what I’m going to do with this blog has naturally arisen.

Peripateia will turn two in 2013, and in it’s almost 24 months of existence, it’s covered a fairly wide range of ground. Most of the material was surprisingly produced for the mere sake of production—Deadline and Obligation having usurped the roles of all the nine Muses—this writing for writing’s sake possible only because the blog falls under that most self-indulgent of categories: the online journal.

Now though, I’m wondering if I should be a bit more…purposeful with the use of my energy, and lash the concept of contribution to creativity to produce works that enlighten, inspire, and dare I say it…transform?


At least not yet. Maybe I’ll inch a little closer in that direction (as much as my pitiless sense of irony will allow), but I frankly think that the market for motivational-writing-that-offers-all-the-answers is seriously overfilled. I’d rather sit here and crank these little posts that revolve around the same, endless themes and ask the same, endless questions.

And when the day comes—if the day comes—that I’ll finally have all the answers, that’s when I’m going to stop cranking all these little posts.

All of which simply means that this blog’s going to be around for a really, really long time.


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