On the Joys of Simplicity

So, I’m feeling a tad bit disoriented, simply on account of the fact that I actually got to visit my dentist and my dermatologist today (two long overdue appointments that happened only because a scheduled private class got canceled).

For all the space that’s appeared in my life recently (space soon to disappear in the weeks ahead once my plans for 2013 get underway), things are still very, very different from how they were just a mere seven or eight months ago. It’s a sign of the new “normal” that such routine errands as visiting the dentist (or visiting the dermatologist, or doing the laundry, or shopping for groceries) have become mini-getaways: carefully plotted, zealously savored and meticulously carried out.

Watching a movie, in a similar vein, is a downright vacation; getting a massage, the height of indulgence.

In a strange and certainly unexpected way, this state of affairs hasn’t been entirely bad. It’s marvelous to discover that the simplest things can apparently make one happy (it’s one thing to mouth a cliché; another to really, really get it). Recent joys: going up and down the aisle of the supermarket looking at newly-developed packaging (an addiction I’ve carried over from my corporate days); lying in bed for an extra 15 minutes just because the day’s class is starting at 9:00 am; curling up with the latest Daniel Dennett book (Freedom Evolves); having long, meandering chats with clients who’ve become friends; singing Michael Bublé’s rendition of White Christmas (a duet with Shania Twain, and yes I’m doing both voices) at the top of my lungs because there’s no one else around.

So maybe it’s just the holiday cheer. But even if it were, the sheer fact that I’ve succumbed to the festive mood (something that hasn’t happened in years) is cause enough to celebrate as well. Whatever it is, I’m happy, I’m content, and best of all, I actually know it.


2 thoughts on “On the Joys of Simplicity

  1. Sicily says:

    I chuckled on reading the Michael Bublé song part…It’s my comfort song at the moment and without fail, I listen to it in the car on my way home. If I have my way (since my boyfriend is driving me he gets to choose his songs, too), it will be on repeat mode in the car. LOL.


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