On the End of Harassment

I am, ever so cautiously, celebrating.

The furtive feeling of festivity (9.8 on the alliteration meter, wheeeee!) has to do with having written no less than four daily blog posts in a row. I would like to think of these posts as signs of the return to normalcy—or, at the very least, as signs of a return to a less frantic schedule.

(Speaking of frantic schedules, an acquaintance in the mindfulness movement asked me the other day if I didn’t routinely regulate my “ngarag-ness” in deference to my career as a mind-and-body-wellness advocate. Ngarag is a Tagalog word used to designate the mental and emotional state of being harassed. Symptoms can include delayed reactions to stimuli, absent-mindedness, preoccupation, irritability and a sense of being overwhelmed. As I was actually ngarag when she asked me the question, I threw something off along the lines of: I do, but not too much, because hypervigilance in this area, especially when it’s a valid response, would constitute a kind of violence. Not a bad response for someone ngarag, if I may say so myself.)

At any rate, there’s a little more room now for a return to the life of the mind: room for reading, room for studying, room for thinking, room for writing.

Here’s hoping that room expands.


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