On the Prospect of Rest

(PHILIPPINES, Tagaytay) I'll be seeing these trees again soon.

(PHILIPPINES, Tagaytay) I’ll be seeing these trees again soon.

So, the efforts to reclaim my personal life have begun in earnest.

As a show of commitment, I booked my round trip plane ticket home to Cebu for Christmas this yearas well as reservations for two other short vacations for the first quarter of 2015.

My sister reacted with a: “Wow. That’s advanced.

“Not at all.” I snorted. “I used to plan my life five years out.”

At least when I had it all together. Then I hit my 30s, got into multiple commitments and basically got sucked into The Matrix called Adulthood.

Now, some three plus years later, there’s a bit more room for things like weekends, day trips, staycations and the occasional juvenile delinquency.

Of course, I’m going about it in the same way I do everything else: with gravity, earnestness, self-imposed deadlinesand a crease between my eyebrows.

I can almost hear my sister saying: “Whoa. Can you be a bit more chill about finally…chilling???”

Well, baby steps, is what I think they call it.

Now, all I need to plan is the remaining eight months of the year.



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