On the Obstinacy of Samskaras

If only our mental patterns were as pretty.

If only our mental patterns were as pretty.

Today, I had a chance to learn some yoga philosophy from a visiting teacher. The opportunity entailed leaving the studio prematurely and enduring the long drive to Makati (and enduring the equally arduous drive back). I had no real expectations, but the lecture was a welcome one, providing some new insight while validating some previously gained knowledge.

What was more instructive though were my reactions to the other aspects of the lecture: the sense of estrangement that accompanied being away from my particular yoga “tribe,” the subsequent realization that I considered myself as part of a specific tribe, and the concomitant reflection on the fact that my own pursuit of wisdom and wholeness was still shot through with a deeply felt need to exclude, partition and divide.

Ah, the stubbornness of samskaras. This is what the multiple lifetimes implied by reincarnation is for.

May the endless repetition bear fruit.

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